Free Wii Points

Free Wii Points
Click the image to generate your free Wii points

Our team created a working and totally free Wii Points Generator and it was brought into existence by the only way it could’ve been. The difficult labor of our software development team which collected a plethora of wii points card codes then tossed them all into an algorithm cracking program to figure out how the Wii points card codes are determined. The generator that we have built has a 93% success rate, which means only a miniscule percentage of the generated codes will not work.
This Wii points generator is wicked quick and has the power to generate a working wii code within around 15 seconds! We kindly ask you to generate only one code per person that works in the hopes that everyone can enjoy this new tool for as long as possible. Please don’t be too greedy! Have fun gaming and don’t forget to enjoy!

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