How to get 2,000 Wii points for free

Wii points are just 16 digit numbers which is basically used as the payment option used by the company Nintendo to authenticate the purchases of their Wii video game console through the “Wii shop channels”. The buyers need top insert their credit cards information in order to pay the retailers for the products.

You can use these Wii points to download games or access other exciting products from the online store of Nintendo. But there are many people who are not really interested in shelling out money to purchase the authority of downloading games and they look for ways to get these numbers for free.

There are quite a few ways to get these. The easiest one will be obviously getting it from a friend who has already purchased Wii points. In case none of your friends has it you can check the internet for other options.

There are many sites which will promise to provide the authentic points without shelling out a single buck. When a genuine purchased 2000 Wii points will cost you $20, this is absolutely free. In order to get this they will ask you to sign up with them using an email address.

Use secondary email address for the sponsor offers while signing up with these websites. Though they will send a lot of sponsor offers, the real Wii codes will also be sent to you.

Now it will take some more effort to finally receive these numbers. They will ask you to review some offers from their sponsors and once you have done this you will be given access to their prize section.

You can claim the Wii points as your prize and use them freely because they are absolutely genuine directly purchased from Nintendo.