Free Wii Points

Free Wii Points
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Our team created a working and totally free Wii Points Generator and it was brought into existence by the only way it could’ve been. The difficult labor of our software development team which collected a plethora of wii points card codes then tossed them all into an algorithm cracking program to figure out how the Wii points card codes are determined. The generator that we have built has a 93% success rate, which means only a miniscule percentage of the generated codes will not work.
This Wii points generator is wicked quick and has the power to generate a working wii code within around 15 seconds! We kindly ask you to generate only one code per person that works in the hopes that everyone can enjoy this new tool for as long as possible. Please don’t be too greedy! Have fun gaming and don’t forget to enjoy!

How do I get free Wii Points?

Each and every new device or technology seems to have it’s own set of terminology. This can be really infuriating to someone new to the device who just wants to use it as quickly as possible. In the case of game consoles, and Nintendo Wii in particular, there are a few new Nintendo words to learn and a few unique concepts to understand. This article will cover the concept of Nintendo Wii points. It will detail what they are and what you can use them for. Oh, and how to get them.

Nintendo Wii points are effectively currency for Nintendo games and accessories. One Wii point equates to one US cent.

The Wii shop channel can be accessed when your console is connected to the internet. The Wii shop channel is the online store where you can buy various sorts of utilities and games for your console.

In terms of utilities, you can get things that make it easier to browse the internet or store photos. Many of these types of software are free or cost a small amount. You simply download them from the Wii shop channel and they are ready to go on your console.

However, most of your Wii points will be spent on getting new games. The virtual console is a part of the Wii shop channel that allows you to download games. Importantly, these games are not Wii games but previous versions of the Nintendo stable of game consoles.

So you can get Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo 64 games that can be played on your Wii console. They are generally cheaper than anywhere else you will find (500 – 1000 Wii points). The games vary but you can find many bestsellers that may not have cutting edge graphics but have a severely addictive quality.

Wii Points can be purchased online at the shop using a credit card. You have an account that is simply credited with new points. Or you can get them at a physical games store or other electronics store. They can make a good idea as a gift for a keen Nintendo gamer.

Claim your free wii points here!

Free Wii Points

Click the image to access the generator
Click the image to access the generator

Getting Wii Points Card Numbers can be somewhat difficult if you don’t know the hidden methods of how to obtain them. I’m here to tell you that as of the time of this post, the algorithm for Wii card numbers generation has been leaked! The codes are 100% legit for you to use right now.

The best aspect of the Wii system is being able to use codes for cool stuff like downloadable games and whatnot. But there is one major problem if you don’t have the cash to pay for the points or better yet, how do we get them for free?

For all those who own a Nintendo Wii, this is what you need and want if you would like to download new content from the Wii Shop channel. We all know money can be tight and you have to start saving money. So that’s why you need to join a site that wil get you those points. This site is 100% legit and has loads of happy members.

Wii Points Card Numbers
Wii Points Card Numbers

You may think this is a scam and yes, I wouldn’t blame you one bit. Most sites that offer codes for the Wii are nothing more than scams. However, you will see first-hand that this is totally different as you will get your Wii Points Card numbers. You will have to put in a little effort for your codes. But it is still free. So you can’t complain!

Anyway enough, I know you just want your codes and you can get the free right now via this Wii Points Online Generator or our Wii Points Desktop Version. The choice is yours!