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Nintendo Wii/DSi 2000 Points Card For Free

Nintendo Wii/DSi 2000 Points Card For FreeWe have an update for all our free Wii points generator users! We have now made it even easier for you to get your free Wii points! We have recently updated ALL of our offers that are included in our content lockers, making it even easier and faster for you claim your codes. The days of long surveys are gone folks, and now we have new, easy, FREE offers that will speed things up a bit for you.

We started this whole site when a few of us got together and complained about the cost of the Wii console and the games, and then the topic turned to how you had to purchase “Wii Points” for extra content. Why should you have to pay extra after you have already broke your bank account to buy the system or the hot new game that just came out? We were also a little disappointed that all the older games were included in this new Wii point shenanigans. While we aren’t knocking the quality of the new Wii games that have been coming out (I for one am a HUGE fan of Mario Galaxy) but why should anyone have to pay for the old games that are so widely loved by all? The original Mario Bros game costs 500 Wii points, and the smallest amount of Wii points you can buy on a card is 2000, which costs $19.99. Plus tax. The Legend of Zelda is also 500 points. Oldies but goodies, yes I know.

You can also use Wii points to purchase Wii Ware, which are newer games created by Nintendo that are more current and fun to play, but lacking a lot of content and the “greatness” to be released as an actual Wii game in the stores. And not to mention half the games you actually do buy in the store you need to buy some gadget or contraption to put the Wii controller into so you can even play the game. And note that this “gizmo” you need is between $30-$50 and is NOT included with the game itself.

So we sat down and logged in God only knows how many hours at our computers with every used Wii points card we could muster up from everyone we knew adding in each number to our program to see if we could find any patterns or links between the numbers on each of the cards to discover just how Nintendo generates their points. The more codes we entered in, the more patterns we discovered until we were able to see exactly how they do it.

Once we accomplished that we were able to write our own programs (which took even more hours I would hate to have to count) that generate codes just like Nintendo. And we test our generator all the time to make sure that Nintendo hasn’t gone and changed their own program. If and when they do, we are confident that we will be right on top of that for you so you can keep playing your Wii and enhancing your own Wii experience.

PointStackers – Another place to get 2000 free Wii points

Free Wii Points
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Hi guys, just wanted to let you know about a new site which our team has designed which will allow you to earn free Wii points and other rewards! The site is called PointStackers and I know you will absolutely love it!

Stop believing in stupid internet scam sites and start stacking points to get the stuff you need from the rewards section! You’ll be surprised how easy it really is guys, I promise!

How it works in a nutshell:

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    Create an account with your email address and a user name. You’ll get 200 free points just for signing up!
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    Earn cool rewards by simply completing free and easy advertiser offers! You get points just for filling out the forms, how hard is that?
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    The BEST part: Redeem the points you’ve earned to get items from the rewards section! Check out the rewards page to see what’s available or contact us to suggest a new reward to be added to the rewards section!
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    The more friends you invite, the more points you get! Each friend earns you 100 points once they confirm their account!

So what are you waiting for? What have you got to lose? The real question is, what have you got to gain? Any rewards you want is the answer to that one! So click the banner up top or click here to get your free Wii points!

Best regards,

How to get 2,000 Wii points for free

Wii points are just 16 digit numbers which is basically used as the payment option used by the company Nintendo to authenticate the purchases of their Wii video game console through the “Wii shop channels”. The buyers need top insert their credit cards information in order to pay the retailers for the products.

You can use these Wii points to download games or access other exciting products from the online store of Nintendo. But there are many people who are not really interested in shelling out money to purchase the authority of downloading games and they look for ways to get these numbers for free.

There are quite a few ways to get these. The easiest one will be obviously getting it from a friend who has already purchased Wii points. In case none of your friends has it you can check the internet for other options.

There are many sites which will promise to provide the authentic points without shelling out a single buck. When a genuine purchased 2000 Wii points will cost you $20, this is absolutely free. In order to get this they will ask you to sign up with them using an email address.

Use secondary email address for the sponsor offers while signing up with these websites. Though they will send a lot of sponsor offers, the real Wii codes will also be sent to you.

Now it will take some more effort to finally receive these numbers. They will ask you to review some offers from their sponsors and once you have done this you will be given access to their prize section.

You can claim the Wii points as your prize and use them freely because they are absolutely genuine directly purchased from Nintendo.